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Our Family 2009 (page 2)

Checking up on the baby.

Julia loves the baby chicks.

I got a few baby Turkens. They are chickens, but look like like they are half turkey.

I love it when the babies poke their heads out for some fresh air and to see what's going on.

Hatching some chicks. The black one is what they look like at first, but then once they dry out they puff up like the yellow one on the right. We were hatching baby chicks like crazy when Audrey decided to have her own baby.

We named this one Ellen.

Uncle Amron and Aunt Marci came to visit.

Ready for the drive home.

Betty is a great friend who helped us in ways impossible to calculate. She was a help and blessing at a real difficult time.

A little quiet one-on-one time with daddy.

So young, but already taking after her Dad.

Some friends gave us a big box and we had a lot of fun making a little Nauvoo house.

Dinner at Nibley Days.

For Fathers day I got surprised with lots of "Daddy" type treats.
(Otter pops, Tootsie pops, Corn Pops, Dads Root Beer, Pop Corn.)

Megan's Feis (Pronounced Fesh) Competition

Great job Megan! Not bad for her first competition, huh?

NIbley Days Fireworks

Bath time for Ellen

Family comes to visit, The front yard is still getting re-done.

James and Julia help to dig holes.

I think that's what's called a featherweight.

Taking out the crazy mound out front and changing it to a nice green lawn. Its amazing how much nicer the front yard looked after we got this done.

The first duckling I ever hatched! They seem to be a little more difficult to hatch than a chick.

Megan and the North Logan Parade.

I hatched a couple ducklings and was able to get a momma duck to accept them. That is a lot trickier than getting a hen to accept baby chicks.

1 Family, 2 Plaques, 3 Missionaries.

We had a 50's style family reunion.

This was one huge snake.

Audrey, dressed 50's style.

James' Birthday.

My sun oven.

I baked a pot pie using the sun. I got halfway done cooking another one and big cloud came along, so I had to finish the 2nd one inside the house. Amazing how hot this little thing can get.

Logan Carnival

James and Julia

We went for a walk in Logan Canyon.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Ellen

Power walking and stretching exercises. (....it gets really good about halfway through the video.)

Doing home school.

A ward party in Logan.

Audrey and Ellen sitting on the lawn at the ward party. Minding their own business and moments later Ellen got stung.

Aunt Laura taking James and Julia on a ride at the Ward Party.

Some video of the ride:


No way they're going to buck me off!

....uhh. I guess its a lot harder than it looks.

I just hatched my first baby pigeon. Luckily I was able to get a mama pigeon to adopt and raise it.

Watching a chick hatch.

The family came over for Ellen's baby blessing and as a bonus got to watch a baby chick hatch.


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