Dominican Republic
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Visiting the Dominican Republic

The Plane ride down with Tyrone. (Filling out our customs forms)

Mom and Dad, I mean, Elder and Sister Frazier, picked us up from the airport.

Sight seeing around the D.R.

You can purchase just about anything right from your car window.

You cant really see it, but a pigeon is landing on Tyrone's hand.

Hey Tyrone, have either you or Columbus seen my lost pigeon?

This is the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor (the oldest cathedral in the Americas)

Sugar cane vendor. They would slice it up and give it to you to chew on.

Fresh Coconut drink. So far, this guy still has all his fingers.

Mmmm, the smell and taste of fresh cocunut.

Salesmen in what we would later find out is a scary part of town.

The streets looked terrible and filled with trash, but they were lined with produce and other things.

Unbeknownst to us, while Tyrone and I were taking these pictures (below), Mom and dad were still in the van up the road getting mugged; only about 50 feet ahead of us. We were only taking pictures for about 2 minutes, but that's only as long as it takes to get robbed. I'm surprised they didn't jump us, since we were the more vulnerable targets out in the open like that.

Fingernail marks on moms arm (above) and camera wrist band mark on her arm (below) are moms battle wounds from fighting off the attacker. The camera (seen in Tyrone's hand) was only 1 day old and now was broken as a result. It all happened so fast, but the would be thief just reached into the vehicle, on moms side of the car, and tried to grab the camera right out of her hands. She couldn't let go of the camera because it was strapped to her wrist. Finally, after a fast/crazy scramble he ran off empty handed.

We were all upset and a bit shaken up, but we counted our blessings that there was no more harm than that.

I took the picture above. I had to laugh because I had seen a picture on the internet of almost the exact same thing. I couldn't believe it. The only thing missing in my picture is the mechanic.

So I searched and found that same picture that I had seen online (see below).

Elder Frazier getting some Sugar Cane.

Not sure what that smirk is on my face, but I like that sugar cane.

Visiting the Cave "3 Ojos"

Back out of the cave area, and we found a guy with some baby chicks. They just walked around you and you had to be careful not to step on them.

Columbus House - Established in 1496 by Bartolome Columbus, Christopher's brother, this is the oldest European founded city in the New World. It was ruled first by Bartolome then later by Christopher Columbus' son, Diego. That's me smiling in front of it.

The branch in Monte Plata

A member gave us some pineapple. It was good timing to because I had a migraine and really needed something to eat.

Seeing who could make the craziest face.

Future missionaries.

We were out visiting the members and Tyrone met a cute girl.

A local Store.

Eating at a members home.

I was surprised when I picked this boy up. He was so cute and friendly. But had no diaper on!

A lady who has raised lots of orphans. More than 20, I cant remember exatly.

Back at the apartment:

Dad made lots of things with fruit, including dehydrated (not an easy task in such a humid environment)

Mom decorated the door for Christmas.

Trees all over were ripe with fruit. The country has trees and plants everywhere that feed the people.

I look happy.

A street vendor selling to cars. Those are Avocados (The green ones).

At the city building where all the genealogy imaging is done.

They had a monumental task of imaging books and records. Many of the books were falling apart and molding from the humidity, and they were only a few years old. These included things such as wedding records, etc... 

Dad is always inventing and improving things, and he took the existing imaging system to the next level and really improved it for future missionaries.

The Dominican Republic Temple


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