2010 Jan - Mar
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Sledding in Logan. David got a little farther the 2nd time.

...even still, he is a magnet for those trees.

We raised pigs last year and got started late, so we had to raise them all winter long. That taught me that I don't want to take pigs through the winter again. Its almost spring and we're now finishing out last year's pigs. I plan on getting this year's piglets much earlier.

Its fun to call the chickens and ducks and to watch them all come running.

Aimee and Donald came to visit. Here we are getting ice cream at Gossner's Dairy.

Cousins: Rhylan and Ellen

Ellen watching TV

James making a volcano.

David made a scorpion out of Legos.

Ice fishing 2010

Fishing inside the tent is fun because it's dark and you can see down in the water. If you are in a good spot you can even see the fish. Also it gets so warm in there that you don't even need a coat.
(when the door is closed)

Its nice to go back and forth from the tent to the outside.

Training Pal for the circus.

Annual Valentine's Day home schooler's party at the the roller skating rink.

Backwards James (look closer, this picture is not as it seems)

Backwards Dad

Abraham Lincoln pretzel log cabins - for President's Day.

What a fun home school project.

No shirt or dress code required at this school. It's come as you are and learn yer heart out.

Ellen is learning to get around.

"A few pushups now and then and I'm getting stronger every day"

Making Argentine empanadas.
Only later, looking at the picture, did I realize that I was wearing my "I love Argentina" t-shirt.

The tear shows the pain of moments ago. The content face shows happiness to be with mommy at last.

The younger kids do Science Club. Each week we combine home school with other families in the area.

The older kids do Science Lab.

Making Jelly beans

Megan made some yummy flan dessert..

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