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The beginnings of our little farm...

To start... a blue bear. Photo taken by James

As if 12 chickens aren't enough, we just got 5 more. I wanted 1 rooster, but they only had "straight run" chicks and so with each one I had a 50/50 chance. So I got 5 just to be sure. I hope at least one is a rooster.

...were our first ones this tiny when we got them? They seem so tiny in comparison to the older chicks.

James picked this one. It is the only yellow one we got this time. I wanted to get a different breed but he just had to make sure we got one of the yellow ones. (a smaller breed with feathers on its legs)

Julia with her new chick.

...and 2 more of her. I cant decide which picture is the cutest.

Rooster or chicken? We'll wait and see.

The new coop. Well, that's as far as I've got on it so far. It's at least good enough to get the ducks and chickens (and pigeons) out of the garage.

...hey dad, its sooo soft.

inside the coop.

2 baby pigeons in their new home.

James likes the pigeons.

This is James' chicken. He loves it and named it Chirpy Fluffy Frazier. The feathers on the legs make it look like its wearing pants.

The Pigeons know they feel different, but not sure how or why because they still think they are chickens. They go off by themselves a lot, but hang out and peck around with the chickens. Its so funny to watch them.

The ducks have grown so much. They aren't the little fluffy guys they used to be. They like sitting under this tree.

Pal loves the chickens and spends half the day just staring at them intently. He just wants to take a little nibble on them and has tried a few times. He knows he's not supposed to touch, but he is sooooo intrigued.

He has recently found out that he loves chicken feed and gets into it and drinks their water too.


A little video



We're growing kids too.

Megan and me with the pigeons.

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